Best safety surface for garage play area

Peeled and molded play area surface, cracked and broken is in the past thanks to the new technology of safety surface implemented by our company. For more than twenty years we have been giving all the people around the world the opportunity to organize their walkways and garages, making these areas stylish, colorful, eco-friendly and absolutely safe. The number of places to cover with our safety surface is endless: running tracks, patios, pool decks and finishing, playgrounds and more.

We are glad to introduce you eco-friendly playground safety surfaces, which are absolutely safe for kids, don't crack or peel, and are made from recycled materials. They represent highly durable and low-maintenance play ground. These playground safety surfaces stay slip-resistance in the places with high humidity and different climate zones as well. Make the place where your kids play colorful and bright!

Ideal Play Area Surface For Running

If you have ever run along concrete or sand running tracks you will be satisfied with our soft and resistant rubber play area surface for running. Forget about asphalted basketball playgrounds, where you used to play in your childhood – safety and health of your kids are the most important things. Beautifully arranged, colorful and slip-resistant basketball play area surface are specially designed for them. Parents can be quiet, knowing that their kids are playing on a playground surface that is both anti-slip and non-toxic. Moreover, playground safety surfaces are shock absorbent, amounting to what is truly the safest outdoor surface material for children to play on.

And don't worry about the installation. Our specialists will do it fast and skillfully. There is no need to prepare the area for your new safety surface – any concrete, lose debris or tile that can be found in your place will be removed.

Walkway and Garages

Poured in place rubber flooring is the ultimate surface for running tracks. Call us today and find out easily we can build or repair any track. Running tracks are a unique combination of sports equipment and flooring product. The best running tracks enhance athletic performance with optimum coefficient of friction and shock absorption and are made from environmentally safe materials that are hard-wearing and require very little maintenance.