Rubber Surface Solutions for Running Tracks

If you are a sport amateur or a professional sportsman you will definitely like our rubber surface. For more than twenty years our company has been transforming surface solutions to create comfortable, shock absorbent, non-toxic and slip-resistant rubber surfaces for all people around the world; our production is widely spread and of a high quality.

Our rubber surface differs from the similar products. It is made of recycled rubber granules mixed together in different combinations according to your needs, demands, wishes and dreams. There is one more important feature of a rubber surface within our surface solutions – there are no stains and any 'puddle effects' on it. All stains can be removed with a hose or power washer and the water drains right through the material avoiding puddles.

Our rubber surfaces for running tracks are non-slip flooring, and if it’s damaged in any way our specialists can simply cut that piece out and re-patch it. This is known as cold fusion, after 48 hours you will never guess that it has been damaged!

Rubber Surfaces for Sports Facilities

Our rubber surfaces have a long lifetime service and we guarantee quality and high strength of them. Get rid of boring and cracked sports surfaces and enjoy colorful, non-toxic and slip-resistant surface solutions for many years. By the way, you don't need any arrangements in the area where you want to install rubber surfaces – our specialists will do it for you fast and professionally. Make an order now and enjoy running and playing tennis, basketball, volleyball and football every day!

Running Tracks

Poured in place rubber flooring is the ultimate surface for running tracks. Call us today and find out easily we can build or repair any track. Running tracks are a unique combination of sports equipment and flooring product. The best running tracks enhance athletic performance with optimum coefficient of friction and shock absorption and are made from environmentally safe materials that are hard-wearing and require very little maintenance.