Rubber-Based Sports Surface Systems and Pool Surfaces

Asphalt, concrete, debris or sand as the base for children’s playgrounds or pool decks have fallen into oblivion. Now more and more people give preference to rubber-based surface systems. They are installed using the method of self-leveling floors, thus, they are seamless and can be installed in hard-to-reach places. Your child will not slip and fall, no matter how pacey he is. Rubber pool surfaces and playground sports surface can be laid down on the hard surface as well as the prepared ground.

Our company offers a wide choice of surface systems: sports surface and pool surfaces. They are easy in use and in maintenance and keep attractive look for a long time. Our rubber surface systems are very comfortable for walking and playing on.

Features of Sports Surface Systems

The inherent attribute of any sports hall, stadium, or playground is rubber surface systems. Thanks to their softness the possibility of being injured reduces considerably. Moreover, such sports surface prevents slipping and the risk of falling. It should be noted that surface systems are ideal for playing football, basketball, tennis, volleyball and other kinds of sport. Our sports surface ensures elasticity, rigidness, and comfort.

Our rubber sports surface is the best surface for outdoor playgrounds or sports halls which will save you from excessive noise and tiring servicing. It is eco friendly, safe, and shock resistant which is extremely important for children’s playgrounds.




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