Why choose our playground rubber surfacing?

Need to improve, change or even get rid of your old playground surfacing near your house? Got tired of repairing peeled or molded playground rubber surfacing? Don't wait and start solving this problem! Try to use our playground surfacing. Our rubber playground surfacing is designed to make your life and the life of your kids more comfortable and pleasant. Let your kids play on a shock absorbent and non-toxic playground surfacing and don't worry about their knees, noses, heads, legs, necks, and backs! Our rubber playground surfacing is universal and can be used in different climate zones with almost any humidity and temperatures. The remarkable features of our playground rubber surfacing are its long service lifetime, low maintenance and pleasant look. It's highly durable, eco-friendly and safe. It doesn't produce any toxic elements and is suitable for all types of playgrounds. This playground surface is made of mixed together rubber granules from recycled materials and maintains slip-resistant and colorful rubber playground surfacing. Just choose a colorful gamma and a combination of colors you want to see inside the playground surfacing and our specialists will create 'the rainbow of your imagination'!

Easy rubber playground surfacing installation

Our production is widely spread around the world and is very popular among the people due to its high quality and no-failure period of service. Kids and their parents all over the world for more than twenty years have been choosing our playground surfacing and are really happy about it! If you dream of making the surface of the playground authentic and original, colorful and bright, soft and safe for kids – our company will make your dream come true!

The installation process of our rubber playground surfacing is seamless. You don't need to prepare the location surface for it. Our specialists will inspect the area to be covered and refine your playground once and for ever!

Rubber Flooring FAQ

After many years of installing poured in place rubber flooring and tile, we compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions. Of course we would love to come over and answer all those questions in person as well as leave you samples that you can touch and feel. Just visit our contact page to set up your free no obligation estimate.

How long does it take to install poured in place or tile rubber flooring?

An average size swimming pool deck will take a full day, depends on the shape of the concrete.


How many colors does the rubber surface come in?

This non slip flooring comes in 11 solid colors, however we can mix and match any one of them to give you a look that is totally unique.


What happens if I have heavy furniture on it, will I damage the surface?

It will leave an indent for about 12 hours and after that it will go back to its original condition.


What if I spill some juice or wine on the flooring, will it stain?

This surface will not stain , simple spray the stain with a hose or a power washer and presto.


Does it keep water on the surface like a puddle effect?

Absolutely not, it is a completely porous material and the water drains right through it.


What if I burn it with a cigarette, or a piece of charcoal from the BBQ ? Is there any way to fix it?

The beauty of this non slip flooring is that if it's damaged in any way we can simply cut that piece out and re-patch it within a few minutes. This is known as a cold fusion, after 48 hrs you will never guess that there was ever damage!