Ideal Tennis Surface Here

There are a lot of factors which make barriers for comfortable rest and doing sports as well. Among these factors are bad or old concrete, peeled playground rubber surface and broken tennis surface, plus pool surface finishes, which need to be recovered and changed. So our company has developed special production for improving the surface in different places for having fun and rest, swimming and playing tennis, basketball and so on. More than twenty years of hard work and there it is – our production is widely spread around the world!

Features of Best Pool Surface Finishes

We are pleased to introduce our eco-friendly and safe, highly durable and slip resistant tennis surface, pool surface finishes and playground rubber surface. The remarkable features of these types of surfaces are their possibility to maintain high efficiency within different climate zones and humidity rates.

A shock absorbent and non-toxic playground rubber surface is at your disposal. You don't need to prepare an area for your new 'surface paradise' - just imagine what you want to see. Leave such nuisances for our specialists. Any tile, concrete or lose debris that are found in your place will be removed. The cracks and broken elements are then filled and made smooth with recycled black rubber known as SBR. Then we take and mix small rubber granules in a large cement mixer. Once the exact color ordered is mixed we then add in special non-toxic and nonflammable resin. And there it is – a clean and smooth tennis surface or pool surface finishes.

Our surfaces are universal and have various implementations. Play, swim and just enjoy any activity with our surfaces. Transform your pool, playground tennis court to a fantastic area for you, your kids and friends. Forget about grey and plain yards, pool decks, park alleys and stadiums – get a better surface!


With over 20 years of experience we make the installation look simple, but IT'S NOT!

Poured in place rubber flooring is just that, poured in place. We first start by inspecting the area to be covered. Patios, pool decks or any other surface that we put poured in place rubber on must first be cleaned. We do this with a degreaser and a 2500psi pressure washer. Once the surface is cleaned we then inspect it for cracked or broken tile or chattihuchii.

We remove any tile, concrete or lose debris that is found. The cracks and broken areas are then filled and made smooth with a recycled black rubber known as SBR. Now we have a clean smooth surface to apply the colored poured in place rubber to.

We then take and mix in a large cement mixer the small rubber granules. Once the exact color ordered has been mixed we then add in a special NON TOXIC, NON FLAMABE resin. This is the tricky part because too much or too little resin could ruin an entire batch of colored rubber.

Now that the colored rubber granules have been mixed with just the right amount of resin it is poured into 5 gallon buckets and dumped on the floor that is being covered. Our experienced installers then smooth it out with a trial over the old floor about 3/8 of an inch thick and then do an area of 18 inches across. Then they back up and do the next 18 inch strip. This is repeated over and over until the old floor is covered making the entire area a beautiful, safe non slip floor.